NDA/NA Written Exam – Tips & Tricks
Making up mind early to crack NDA can be great asset. If you have decided to take up the NDA challenge before class X then make sure to take science stream with mathematics in class XI. Students from humanity background will have to work harder as compared to their science counterparts. The NDA written exam consist of two parts and different sections. A aspirant should have a clear idea about syllabus, weightage, difficulty level and trend of each of these section/paper.

NDA written exam has a success ratio of around 1.5%, so it require a serious effort and a well thought strategy. We have tried to knock down few of main points to consider while strategizing for NDA written exam preparation.

Before diving into individual sections, few points which will help you in preparing for the written exam as whole

The study material should be concise, suffice and exhaustive. Aim & Achieve provide classroom coaching at its South Delhi centres, as well as candidates can grab study material at very reasonable price.
You are not preparing for IIT, just prepare according to NDA exam. There are many books available in the market, which use previous year IIT-JEE questions in the name of NDA. Make sure to prepare up to the LEVEL required.
Attempt at least 10 complete length mock test papers towards the tail end of your preparations.
Target at least around 550-600 marks to get a SSB interview call

Paper 1 – Mathematics

120 questions, 300 marks, 2.5 hours (150 minutes), 1.25 minutes/question, Penalty/negative marking of 0.83 marks
65% Class XI
35% Class XII
Average difficulty level (a notch higher than board exams)
First and most important to have clear concepts
Once desired accuracy is achieved only than student should start working towards speed
Learning shortcut tips over traditional method may be of great help to attempt more questions in timely manner. At Aim & Achieve, tricks & tips are also discussed besides traditional methods
While preparing for board examinations, make sure to solve MCQs to get a feel of probable NDA exam pattern
Paper 2

150 questions, 600 marks, 2.5 hours, 1 minute/question
Penalty/negative marking of 1.33 marks
Try to complete general awareness sections quickly to get more time for English comprehension and General Science portions
The syllabus is vast, but taking up section to section will give you a sense of confidence and syllabus coverage
Paper 2 – Part ‘A’ – English

50 questions, 200 marks, targeted completion time should be 30-35 minutes
Strong word power is the key – target 10 news words daily
Reading newspaper daily will help in English as well as current affair section. Reading newspaper editorials will also increase your English reading speed, which will a bonus for comprehension portion
Coaching from industry experts like Aim & Achieve
Focus on common English language usage errors
Paper 2 – Part ‘B’ – Section Physics

Tentatively 25 questions, 100 marks, targeted completion time should be 30-35 minutes
Crystal clear concepts up to class X is the key
Follow NCERT books up to class XII
A thorough knowledge of basic physics fundamentals
Difficulty level moderate, conceptual questions, very few numerical
Paper 2 – Part ‘B’ – Section Chemistry, General Science (Biology & others)

Tentatively 25 questions, 100 marks, targeted completion time should be 20 minutes
Basic and factual questions from NCERT CLASS VIII, IX & X science books
Difficulty level easy
Precise key notes is the key
Paper 2 – Part ‘B’ – Section History, Civics & Polity

Tentatively 20 questions, 80 marks, targeted completion time should be 20 minutes
Emphasis should be given to modern history
Basic understanding of various government organizations, election procedure
Relationships of various countries with Mother India
Paper 2 – Part ‘B’ – Section Geography, current events

Tentatively 30 questions, 120 marks, targeted completion time should be 30 minutes
Geography questions are conceptual. Student need understanding of the concept rather than mugging up the facts.
In Current affairs section maximum focus is on defence, various commissions, sport events, heads of various organizations. Maximum focus will be on last 2-3 months.
Stay updated, read newspaper daily.
At Aim & Achieve, we publish a news digest weekly in our update section of our website. This exercise has proven of immense help to the students. We also conduct a weekly discussion session on news digest to maximize current events coverage.
Try to visualize the sequence and reasons while studying history. Cramming to much may prove to be a very dry exercise for many.