The order was passed by Justices Kurian Joseph and Deepak Gupta in appeal filed by the husband Harjinder Singh against a judgment of the Punjab & Haryana High Court in a divorce case.

The Supreme Court in its order noted that after interacting with the parties, it found that “everything was not lost”.

“The petitioner/Harjinder Singh has been very gracious and fair in his submissions. The respondent wife has not instituted any case except one case for maintenance. We find that the parties should be given a chance to live together for a few weeks, keeping the case pending before us.”

The Court then proceeded to direct the respondent wife to go with the husband and “behave herself properly”.

“Accordingly, respondent/Rajpal is directed to go with the petitioner/Harjinder Singh today from the Court. The respondent is directed to behave herself properly and look after the petitioner and his aged mother. Nobody from the family of the respondent shall interfere with their peaceful living..”

The court also ordered that the wife shall not leave the company of the husband without the Court’s permission.

“Without permission from the Court respondent/Rajpal shall not leave the company of the petitioner/Harjinder Singh.”

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